Our Care Services

At some point in life whether after or during illness or due to advancement in age all of us experience times where we find it difficult to manage basic day to day today routines.
Passion Healthcare are here to help! We can take on the tasks that you are struggling to manage or simply assist you to manage them yourself.
Some of the tasks we can help you with include:
getting in and out of bed,
Washing/ showering/bathing and dressing,
Daily grooming,
Preparing meals and drinks,
Administering medication
Helping with household tasks such as laundry and washing up.
Passion HealthCare’s management team will visit you to discuss your needs and goals, we will complete an assessment form to ensure we have all the information we need to complete a comprehensive, personalised care plan detailing your needs and wishes with full instructions for our care staff to follow.
Passion Healthcare will assign you a team of dedicated care staff that suit your requirements and whom you can build a relationship with. We will arrange a care package that fits around you and fulfils your requirements.

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Getting quality Home Care with Passion Healthcare is easier than ever. Let us treat your loved ones like family!

Quality Care

Our caregivers are supervised by a team of experienced care staff, many with a nursing background and receive ongoing training.